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cara al sol

Cara al Sol means "Face to the Sun" in Spanish. Composed in 1935, it is the anthem of the Falange, the main Spanish nationalist party.

The lyrics are credited to the then leader of the Falange, José Antonio Primo de Rivera. The music was composed by Juan de Tellería.

The Falangists needed a stirring song of their own to counter the popular appeal of El Himno de Riego (the national anthem of the Second Spanish Republic) and A Las Barricadas (a very popular Anarchist song).

Its popularity was boosted by Primo de Rivera's execution on 20 November 1936 and his subsequent glorification by the Spanish Nationalists.

In Franco's Spain, Cara al Sol became a semi-official anthem, often played alongside the official one (Marcha Real).

"Cara al sol con la camisa nueva,
que tu bordaste en rojo ayer,
me hallará la muerte si me lleva
y no te vuelvo a ver.

Formaré junto a mis compañeros
que hacen guardia sobre los luceros,
impasible el ademán,
y están presentes en nuestro afán.

Si te dicen que caí,
me fui al puesto que tengo allí.

Volverán banderas victoriosas
al paso alegre de la paz
y traerán prendidas cinco rosas
las flechas de mi haz.

Volverá a reír la primavera,
que por cielo, tierra y mar se espera.

¡Arriba, escuadras, a vencer,
que en España empieza a amanecer!

¡España una!
¡España grande!
¡España libre!
¡Arriba España!"

:: Translated lyrics in english ::

"Facing the sun in my new shirt
that you embroidered in red yesterday,
That's how death will find me if it takes me
and I won't see you again.

I'll take my place alongside my companions
who stand on guard in the heavens,
with a hard countenance,
they are alive in our effort.

If they say to you that I fell,
'know that I'm gone to my post up there.

The flags of victory will return
marching merrily along peace
and bringing five red roses:
the arrows of my quiver.

Laughter will return in the springtime,
by the sky, earth, and sea, we await its return.

Onwards, squadrons, to victory,
that a new day dawns on Spain!

Spain united!
Spain (the) great!
Spain (the) free!
Onwards Spain!"

Imagery in the lyrics

Line 1: The reference to shirts relates to the Falangist uniform, a blue shirt which was embroidered with red yoke and arrows upon the chest.

Lines 13-14: The reference to arrows is an allusion to the Falange "Yoke and Arrows" symbol and to the Falangist youth movement.

Lines 19-21: España Una, Grande y Libre was a frequently used slogan in Francoism.

Line 22: Falangists use Arriba España ("Onward Spain") instead of the more usual Viva España ("Long live Spain").

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